Paloma Picasso is a superstar in the worlds of Tiffany and the fashion stages of Paris, and her scents are loved by women the world over. 

Paloma Picasso began releasing clothing, make-up, and scents in the 1980s, the most famous of which, the rose chypre Paloma Picasso Mon Perfume was released in tandem with the just-as-famous Mon Rouge true-red lipstick. Today, her signature self-titled scent is based on the fragrance of smooth sandalwood and is one of the most notable feminine fragrances available right now. Smell the scent of luxury on your skin with Paloma Picasso! 

You can find a range of versions for the Paloma Picasso Fragrance on eBay including varying sizes of the refined, woody, mossy scent that blends a range of florals along with citrus, woods and greens. Paloma Picasso is an everyday scent that screams luxury making it also perfect for that special night out. 

Paloma Picasso also offers a number of Perfumes for Men including the Minotaur which mirrors the feminine scent thanks to base notes of Sandalwood, Vanilla, and Leather. You can find a range of sizes and strengths to suit all budgets. Men can also enjoy the sense of style and luxury that Paloma Picasso offers with her range thanks to the might Minotaur! 

Paloma Picasso is synonymous with style, elegance, luxury and above all, quality. Her scent range has remained small to ensure that whenever there is a release, it is the best it can be, and this is why she has remained one of the top fragrance brands for over thirty years. Add Paloma Picasso to your fragrance wardrobe today with eBay!