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Panasonic Bread Makers

Panasonic Bread Makers

Making your own bread might seem daunting, but with a special bread maker, your life is thousand times easier. You simply need to get the right ingredients and pour them into the machine that then fills the entire home with enticing bread smell. Panasonic small kitchen appliances spring from a company that is mostly famous for its consumer electronics like digital cameras. In fact, it was the first company to start selling bread machines. When choosing which one of the Panasonic bread makers to buy, consider the programmes you need, the loaf size, and the size of the machine itself.

Bread Types

Bread makers can usually make basic white and brown loaves. For the best results, some bread makers allow you to change the thickness of the crust, flour type, and loaf size. Some machines also feature a special setting for baking gluten-free bread. If the maker includes a "bake only" setting, you can also use it for cakes. Some extra settings also allow you to knead dough for pasta. Choose the machine that has best reviews regarding the type of bread you most often bake.

Baking Time

It does matter how long each loaf takes to bake, so you should plan ahead. If you are usually in a hurry, opt for a machine with a rapid-bake function. A setting that delays baking setting is also a common feature. You can set the start time of baking and have a loaf waiting for you fresh in the morning or when you return from work.


Kneading and mixing the dough can be a rather noisy process with a bread maker. If you cannot shut the kitchen door tightly, and a loud Panasonic bread maker would disturb you at night, opt for a quieter model. Luckily, higher end models provide better quality and remain more stable on the counter top, which results in quieter operation.


Many bread makers include a set of useful accessories to make your baking even easier. A measuring cup and measuring spoons are the most common accessories and very essential ones at that. Bread machines require exact measurements according to their recipes to avoid loaf disasters. In this regard, many machines also feature recipe books.