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Panasonic Digital Cameras

When it comes to electronic devices, Panasonic is a household name with a well-deserved reputation for quality. Panasonic’s range of digital cameras includes both budget options, such as DMC-SZ10, or high-end Lumix cameras like the G85. Digital cameras use digital storage instead of film, and you can easily transfer photos to computers or phones. Panasonic digital cameras combine the versatility of point and shoot cameras with ultra-high resolution imaging quality.

Masterful Photography

Regardless of whether your camera has an 8 MP, 16 MP or 20.3 MP sensor, you can be sure that your Panasonic digital camera optimises image quality. Take advantage of the vast array of imaging features offered by Panasonic digital cameras. You can use high-speed auto-focusing to highlight tiny details in any image. Alternatively, use the Panasonic Venus image processor to take well-lit pictures in dim rooms or bright outdoor settings. Depending on the lens attachment you are using with your digital camera, Panasonic’s 5-axis body stabilisation will compensate for shaky movements, ensuring that your photos and videos are blur-free. If you prefer to take videos, Panasonic’s high-end digital cameras are capable of recording 4K video at 60 fps and full HD at 180 fps.

Ergonomic Design

By their very design, Panasonic digital cameras comfortably stay in the palm of your hand for long periods of time. Take advantage of the environment proofed magnesium alloy case, which defends against mid-level dust, shock and water, and take your camera out in nature. Panasonic’s Lumix waterproof digital cameras are particularly popular for campers and outdoor enthusiasts. All Panasonic digital cameras feature compact designs that you can quickly and efficiently pack away.

In-Camera Editing

Budding photographers can use a range of editing solutions to adjust the style, colour saturation, layout and clarity of your photos. If you don’t have time for computer processing, Panasonic’s editing tools are easy to use and deliver spectacular results.


Transferring photos from your Panasonic digital camera to your computer or tablet is easy by Wi-Fi connectivity and micro-USB ports. Take advantage of the Panasonic Image App to wirelessly transfer photos or mark them with location and time data.