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Panasonic Electric Shaver Parts Accessories

When it comes to facial and body hair, men have been putting their faith into Panasonic for years, thanks to their stellar range of electric shaving and hair removal products. These devices last through lots of constant use, but to get the very best out of them and the closest shave possible, you may be required to change some of the parts every now and then. Whether it’s blades, cutters, foils or cleaning accessories that need replacing, you’re able to purchase men’s Panasonic electric shaver parts for every need.

Cleaning Accessories

The cleaning accessories are often an overlooked electric shaver part but one that’s essential for ongoing quality of Panasonic products. Clean and charge stands are available through Panasonic as a way to keep your shaver hygienic and working in good condition, and you’re also able to purchase refills of the detergent so you can continue to use this feature.

Foil Replacement

The foil of an electric razor is an important part but one that rarely gets changed. This part sits over the cutter of a razor and helps to protect the skin against abrasion, so when it starts to wear you will certainly feel the difference on your face. Panasonic offers replacement foil or a combined foil and cutter bundle that can be replaced in one go.

Blades and Cutters

Some Panasonic electric shavers come with self-sharpening blades, but even these need occasional replacing. These electric shaver parts are the most important for the quality of shave you achieve, so it’s essential to keep on top of their replacement and maintenance. Depending on the style of Panasonic shaver you have, most of these allow you to pop out the old blade and insert a new one easily.

Batteries and Chargers

Panasonic offers comprehensive warranties on their shavers and shaver parts and accessories, but there may be the need to replace the charging dock over time. Look for a Panasonic brand replacement charger to ensure that you’re getting the best quality for your electric shaver, or a reputable brand of batteries if you’re replacing those in a portable shaver.

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