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Panasonic LED LCD Televisions

Panasonic LED/LCD Televisions

Panasonic is a leading Japanese manufacturer of LED and LCD televisions. Panasonic LED/LCD televisions incorporate the latest technologies and innovations to provide customers with a high-quality viewing experience. They are available in a wide range of sizes and resolutions, including full-high definition (FHD) and ultra-high definition (UHD). Panasonic LED/LCD black TVs are the most popular option for household use, as the price is affordable and the black colour suits any decor.


FHD and UHD are the two most common resolutions for consumer televisions. FHD offers 1920 x 1080 pixels for good clarity, whilst UHD (also known as 4K) offers 3840 x 2160 which makes the picture very sharp. 4K content is available on streaming services and 4K Blu-ray disc and some gaming consoles can operate at 4K resolution. Most TVs are now UHD, so they are a good choice if you plan to keep your television for many years and want to keep up with the latest technology.


Many Panasonic TVs feature HDR or high dynamic range. TVs with this feature offer brighter, more realistic pictures. This is particularly noticeable in scenes containing sunlight, skies and rays of light. HDR also makes colours more realistic, as it expands the available colour space.

Smart TV

Panasonic LED/LCD TVs with downloadable apps, also known as smart TVs, offer advanced features. Smart TVs connect to your home Internet via WiFi. With a smart TV connected to the Internet you can access streaming services, apps, games, music stations and web browsers. Smart TVs make it easy to stay connected with the world and access all your favourite media in one place, without the need for external devices. They are easy to operate using the included remote control.

LED and LCD vs. OLED

LED/LCD is the most popular type of television, because it is affordable and offers a slim profile. These TVs are powered by a backlight which illuminates all the pixels, whereas OLED is a new technology which powers each individual pixel. OLED offers deeper black levels, but these TVs are more expensive to purchase and don’t get as bright. Many people have a personal preference to one or the other, so it is best to compare these TVs side by side.