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Panasonic Power Tools

Panasonic Power Tools

Its not hard to trace the explosion in do-it-yourself hobbyists to the widespread use of power tools. Panasonic provides a wide range of cordless tools to meet the needs of both hobbyists and professionals. From drills to impact drivers and reciprocating saws, Panasonic tools have the toughness you need to get the job done.

The Cordless Advantage

While earlier models suffered from the limitations of battery technology, cordless tools have moved from strength to strength with the development of Lithium-Ion batteries. With cordless tools, there is no need to tie yourself to the mains; you can work anywhere you can get to. Theres also a safety factor; nobody can trip over an extension lead that isnt there. Panasonic cordless tools give you the flexibility to work without worry so you can focus on getting the job done.

Battery Technology

The biggest advances in cordless tool design all flow from battery technology. A Panasonic tool battery and charger uses Lithium-Ion technology which not only provides more power than earlier battery generations, but also lasts longer. These batteries are more consistent, offering full power throughout the discharge cycle. With no memory effect, a six-month-old battery offers the same functionality as a new one.


Both conventional cordless drills and Panasonic impact drivers follow the same basic design. The difference is that the impact driver offers the addition of concussive force as well as rotating torque. Nothing drives a screw as fast as an impact driver, but they are less flexible than a cordless drill. For most hobbyists, the drill is a good first choice followed by the impact driver.

Saws and Grinders

Panasonic saws and grinders let you get through even the toughest job easily. Nothing beats a reciprocating saw for demolition; it can cut through almost anything in short order. Rotary and jig saws are excellent for woodworking, and an angle grinder can get rid of excess metal.