Paper Cutters

A-sizes are all well and good, but sometimes you need something that’s a little bit different, and you also need a lot of it. Cutting long edges one by one with scissors is tedious work and unlikely to come out nice and even. Paper cutters, also referred to as paper guillotines by some, are a handy tool at home and in the workplace to help quickly cut paper evenly.

Measure Twice, Cut Once

Most paper cutters come with at least a marked base to help provide measurements. Quite a few, though, have movable parts and clamps to figure out exactly where to cut and keep the paper in place. Paper cutters also come in different sizes, to accommodate various sizes of paper. Most cutters will accommodate any size paper you’re likely to use at home, but for businesses there are even larger cutters.


Paper guillotines are especially helpful for businesses who do a lot of printing. Pamphlets and handouts rarely fit neatly on a standard size paper, and even more rarely actually look good that way. Even for simple printouts, trimming the edges off can make it look more professional. Depending on your business needs, you may be fine with a cutter of more conventional size, or you may need to look for something a bit more industrial-sized. Most paper cutters aren’t too big though, and can easily be kept next to the photocopier and other office equipment.

Safe and Easy

Most paper cutters don’t actually use a conventional knife-edge. Instead, they cut paper by having an edge flush with the side of the board, which then neatly trims the paper along that edge. This means that a paper cutter is actually self-sharpening, meaning no ragged edges from a blunt cut and no tedious maintenance before or after use. It also makes it safer to use, a safety further enhanced by the frequent addition of finger guards and other features.