Paracord Bracelets

Not just for diving out of planes, a paracord bracelet has several functions. It actually can be quite an asset for the person who’s on an adventure, perhaps hiking trails out in the wilderness, or mountain climbing. However, a paracord bracelet can also be for show. It can simply be a fashion statement worn by a person who’s already been on quite a few adventures, or for the person who hasn’t had a chance to yet work on their bucket list. There are several unique types of paracord bracelets, both for men and women.

Buckle Bracelets

One of the most popular types of paracord bracelet is a buckle bracelet. This type of bracelet takes woven nylon paracord material, and meets it together with a buckle clasp. This type is great for the wrist or ankle, and comes in a variety of different colours for women, men, and children.

Lanyard Paracord

A lanyard bracelet is often not a bracelet, but instead hangs from someone’s neck to hold an ID card, keys, or other belongings, such as lip balm. A lanyard is constructed with nylon paracord material, but is much thinner than a buckle bracelet. You either have the choice of making your own lanyard from loose nylon paracord, or buying one that is pre-made.


It may be of interest for you to make your own paracord bracelets, and for this reason, kits are popular. A kit will contain everything you need to either make a buckle bracelet, lanyard, or belt paracord. If you are making the paracord for use with mountain climbing or parachuting, it’s best to test it out prior to taking it in the field.

Belt Paracord

A belt made of paracord can fit and look like a “normal” belt, or this type of belt can often be used for adventures, such as rafting, hiking, climbing, and more. Belts are available in a variety of different colours, and are often hand-woven pieces of nylon paracord threaded together. You may also encounter belts with buckles, to hold straps for sporting.