Get top quality sound at home with Paradigm speakers. 

Canadian electronic goods company Paradigm brings beautiful audio quality into your home. Engineers Jerry Vandermarel and Scott Bagby have been fine-tuning their selection of LCR, soundbars and wireless speakers since launching the brand in 1982, and Paradigm has since garnered a reputation as one of the best home speaker brands around. A piece of expert audio engineering can be yours to own today in just a few simple clicks when you shop for Paradigm on eBay. 

Whether you're a film buff or a dedicated music fan, you can look forward to kicking back and listening to songs, movies or spoken word just as your favourite artist intended you to hear them. Choose from speakers of the bookshelf, freestanding, floor-standing tower, outdoor or subwoofer variety. Paradigm products come in all shapes and sizes, so there's something to fit every home. If you like your audio devices to be heard but not seen, there are speakers to into TV units or ultra-slim models like the Millenia 20 Trio, perfect for mounting on or inside walls. A more modern option is the soundbar speaker, which comes three varieties: Soundplay, PW Soundbar and Soundtrack 2 System. 

Choose between brand new, used and refurbished Paradigm items online. There are even spare parts like amplifier boards, attachable feet to add to the bottom of speakers to prevent sound from carrying through the floor, and Bluetooth audio modules for people who want to modify their Paradigm speakers. 

Paradigm speakers produce the exact sound they are fed, stepping out of the way so you can enjoy the music as the creator intended it, not the speaker manufacturer. That's the Paradigm difference.