Parcel Drop Boxes

Stop Would-Be Thieves In Their Tracks With A Parcel Drop Box

Most thieves steal as a matter of opportunity. So, leaving packages that have been delivered outside your home like on your front doorstep are easy targets for these types of criminals.

That’s where Parcel Drop Boxes come in.

Parcel Drop Boxes

Drop boxes are built to keep your parcels, packages, letters, and other deliveries safe and secure until you get home. That’s because they’re made out of sturdy materials for maximum protection like powder-coated steel or aluminium and feature pry-resistant locks.

And not only are parcel drop boxes difficult to get into, but passers-by won’t be tempted to steal any of your deliveries if they’re not visible. Plus, by keeping your packaged mail away from prying eyes, you’re also protecting them from inquisitive animals and bad weather.

So whether you’re a home-owner or business owner, you can prevent your mail and your identity from being stolen by replacing your standard letterbox with a secured parcel drop box.

How do parcel drop boxes work?

A parcel drop box, also known as a parcel box, is the most widely accepted method of delivering packages in a secure manner. Similar to package drop-off slots at your local post office or book drop-off slots at your local library, it is designed for your convenience and to protect your belongings.

To place a package inside the lockbox, the delivery person will first need to open the door. Then when they close it, your package will fall through into another compartment to keep it safe until you unlock it when you return home. If the door to the drop box is opened again, the package kept within it will no longer be visible so no one will know that you already have parcels at your home.

 When shopping online, you want to make certain your parcel drop box is constructed of heavy-duty metal and has a reliable latch – this will prevent thieves from targeting the box in general. They’re a great investment in the lead up to Christmas, in particular, when you’re more likely to be receiving online purchases or even gifts!

The only thing you really need to be worried about with your drop box is that the delivery driver is using it properly, however if you have a straightforward design, this makes it quite simple. Alternatively, you can always have instructions on the box.

Parcel Collection Boxes

The best part about some parcel drop boxes is that they can often also be used to keep your packages secure when getting picked up as well. Whether you want to put a parcel out for collection by the postal service, or you need to leave something like a set of keys out for a friend to get access to your hose, parcel collection boxes are locked with a digital or mechanical code lock which you can share depending on your needs.

So, if you need a parcel drop box or collection box for your residential or commercial premises, you’re sure to find a wide range of functional and attractive designs available on eBay today.