Party Favours

It's always nice to have something to bring home from an event or party, even if it's just so you can look back on it fondly. Depending on the event, suitable party favours can range from something small and perishable to something longer lasting. When choosing party favours, it's important to consider who is getting them as well as the event itself.

Type of Event

The main thing to consider when buying party favours is the type of event they are for, including the theme of that event. For example, birthday party favours would differ from baby shower party favours, simply because the events have completely different purposes, celebrations, and groups of people. It would help if the favours match the party decorations and theme, as all of these are memorable aspects to hold onto when a guest leaves.

Favour Receivers

Besides the event, consider who receives the favours. Kids would enjoy favours like cupcakes, candies, and toys, while adults may prefer more practical or aesthetic gifts like clothing items, jewellery, or small electronics. For an event that involves all age groups, think about whether you should divide the gifts by age groups, or if a common favour that would make everyone happy is a better choice for you.

Suggestions for General Party Favours

The best kinds of party favours are the kind that have a personal touch, something the host puts together themselves. Baked goods, homemade jewellery, and knitted items are always good and thoughtful party favours to give out. If the host is too busy to put together a favour, simple favours like party balloons, candles, and stationeries are good options. Presentation matters just as much as the favour itself, so be sure to pack it up in a nice bag or covering before handing it out to guests.