Party Foil Balloons

Bring some foil balloons to the party

Whatever the occasion, from a kids birthday party or a babys Christening to a hen do and or a wedding, create an amazing party atmosphere with a great selection of metallic foil balloons.

Foil balloons come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, the only limit to the display you can create is your imagination. Foil letter balloons can be used to spell out messages, such as ‘Happy Birthday, ‘Congratulations, or ‘Bride to be and foil balloon shapes are a great way to add fun and colour to your celebration.

Super easy to use

These party balloons can be filled with helium if you want your balloons to float in the air or they can be filled with air if you are attaching them to surfaces, easily done with double-sided adhesive tape. Most foil balloons self-seal after they have been inflated, meaning you dont waste time trying to tie tricky knots. Another great feature of foil balloons is that used appropriately, many can be safely deflated and used again.

Different colours and designs

Gold and silver balloons are a classic choice for weddings and formal occasions, but the choice doesnt end there. Red hearts, silver balloons that contains coloured confetti, blue and silver stars or rose gold letters are all readily available and help you to create your own unique party feel.

Foil balloons for the kids

No kids party is complete without foil balloons. Some of the great choices available are unicorn heads, walking animals, with fun little string legs and wooden feet, "Star Wars" characters, popular TV show themes including "Paw Patrol" and "Minnie Mouse", "Batman" and of course a trendy range of emoji balloons. Use letters and numbers to create your own birthday message too. If you want to have the best party in your neighbourhood, start stocking up on foil balloon supplies.

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