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Light up the room with PartyLite scented candles and fragrances!

Are you searching for great quality, beautifully scented candles? Need something to brighten a room or set the scene for a special occasion? PartyLite has some great ideas, whether you're buying for yourself or as a gift for someone you care about.

PartyLite offers a gorgeous range of classic scented candles and novel flameless fragrances. Built up from a one-woman business that was founded over a century ago, the PartyLite range now includes over forty-five heavenly fragrances. Each of these is available in six beautiful forms: tealight, votive, three-wick, essential jar, ScentPlus melt and SmartScent sticks). PartyLite's signature scents shift with the seasons, so you can stock up on your favourites and look forward to captivating new blends each year.

PartyLite candles and fragrances are a delightful way to draw a little inspiration and spice up the ambience in your home!

PartyLite candles make great gifts

Are you looking for a lovely present for a special occasion? Shop great bargains on PartyLite decorative candles, up for grabs in different colours, shapes and sizes! PartyLite products are a great way to give someone you care about the gift of feeling peaceful, comfortable and relaxed! With all the best prices available in one easy location, eBay will help you get a quality gift at an affordable price.

Candle holders and accessories

Shop for PartyLite candle holders and accessories such as wall sconces, tealight holders and hanging lanterns! Know just what you are looking for? eBay makes it easy to narrow search results by material, with options of glass, metal, ceramic and crystals for your candle accessories.

Here on eBay you will also find scent warmers designed for fragrant melts over a flame or fully electric flameless warmers. Simply plug in and switch on for a warm glow and lovely scent - with no flame, smoke or fuss.

Flameless fragrances

Want to fill your home with the comforting glow of fragrance without the danger of an open flame? Forget your fears of setting off the smoke alarm with one of PartyLite's three flameless fragrance options: SmartBlends melts, SmartScents sticks, and ScentGlow scent-warmers.

Smartblends and SmartScents decorative fragrance sticks

SmartBlends are scented melts that provide instant fragrance without flame or liquid. Melts are easy to use - simply pour a cap full of melts into a stylish PartyLite SmartBlends warmer, and enjoy an instant, odour-neutralising, delightful scent.

Ditch the flame for long-lasting fragrance that delivers gently and evenly right around the clock. Each pack of five rolled-paper sticks provides scent for up to a whole month. For a small room, one stick is enough, while three to five sticks can infuse even the largest of rooms with a lovely fragrance. If you are using more than one stick at a time, you can mix and match unique PartyLite scents to create your own custom fragrance.

Love the sound of PartyLite's signature scents but want to skip the candles? Discover PartyLite's home fragrances that can be found as oils, sprays and diffusers!

You'll find something for all occasions and households with PartyLite. Shop through the full range of PartyLite's candles, candle holders, and fragrances now!