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Paslode is an industry-leading manufacturer of tools for use in the construction and building maintenance industries.

Founded in 1935, the company has long been at the forefront of innovation, creating the world's first Pneumatic nail gun in 1959. And by 1986 they had perfected their Impulse range of gas actuated nailing systems. These tools use a gas discharge to fire a fastener into hardened materials. They are fast, reliable, and cordless, as well as being easy to transport with lightweight designs. There's no excuse not to tackle that DIY project now!

Large range

From framing systems and finishing systems to exterior systems, Paslode delivers a broad range of performance-proven, high-quality tool solutions.

Used by a wide variety of professional contractors, re-modellers, and speciality tradespeople, as well as people with a few odd jobs to do at home who are willing to undertake some DIY.

Paslode offers a complete range of fasteners to cover a wide range of building and construction needs. There is a huge selection of Paslode products available in this range, including power tools and a large number of Paslode accessories from cleaning products to tool cases. Some of Paslodes better-known products are their Framing Nailer, Pneumatic Bradder and Pneumatic Floormaster Stapler.

Framing Nailer

Framing Nailers can make light work of nailing in a variety of different applications. On conducting first and second fix applications in timber construction and house building, the Paslode Framing Nailer guns are an excellent choice for the job.

The Paslode Impulse is a cordless nail gun that is over three times faster than using a hammer and nails. This means your DIY and construction projects should be finished quicker and run smoother than ever before. Just some of its features include a rubber moulded hand grip for comfort and ease of use. Tool-free depth, which means you will have precise dial control of nail depth; removable rear-load magazine; and lower probe with skew nailing teeth, this ensures positive placement of the faster. The Impulse range is great framing and finishing nailers. They can be used with a variety of different sized nails, making DIY a breeze.

From air nailers and pneumatic models to gas and cordless models, you can count on Paslode to provide pro nailing systems for non-stop nailing.

In the Impulse range you'll also find a selection of Bradders. One of the more popular ones is the Impulse IM200 L1 C1 Bradder.


Bradders are used in a variety of ways in the construction industry. They are used on wood where splitting might be an issue or a different size nail is needed for a hole. They have many uses but are normally used for: trim work, fastening decorative moulding and panelling. The Impulse IM200 – L1 C1 Bradder uses gas technology, so there's no need for hoses or compressors. It's a lightweight design with a quick, clear nose that reduces downtime if a fastener jam occurs. It also boasts a non-slip hand grip and a belt hook.

Floormaster stapler

Another popular Paslode product is the Pneumatic Floormaster FS Stapler. This is easy to use with a comfortable grip, which means you can work without straining your hands. It has quick reloading and rapid operation. It also sports a long handle for improved balance and comfort over periods of high use, and an additional short arm handle that allows for easy placement in tight spots. With an easy top load magazine, it also has a tool firing operation, which means the mallet clamps onto the timber and fires the tool at the perfect clamping time. Lightweight and durable.

Air Tool parts and accessories

In addition to their expansive collection of tools, Paslode also offers a variety of tool parts and accessories that will enhance the performance of your Paslode products, ensuring they deliver the best possible results.

You'll find a wide range of Paslode accessories on eBay, including Paslode power tool batteries, Paslode chargers, Paslode carry cases, and framing nails and staples.