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Keep travel documents safe with a passport cover

It may not be the most important thing that springs to mind when it comes to travelling, but a passport cover is the kind of essential that will make sure you have everything covered and helps to avoid any damage to your passport.

With many wallet cover varieties available, you can go simple and opt for a leather passport holder, or opt for a holder with a little more personality and colour to it, perfectly matching your very own style tastes.

Leather travel wallet

Leather travel wallets are a classic looking option with a simple finish that makes it versatile enough to withstand many fashion trends. The leather passport wallet is perfect for those who want their passport cover to last without replacement. Leather travel wallets can also be personalised with ease.

With many leather wallets having slots for cards also fitted into the cover, you can go for a completely plain option, or search for a cover that has the Royal coat of arms on the front of that matches the one that can be found on the original passport sleeve.

Clear travel wallet covers

For those who prefer to keep things simple, there is a large range of clear passport covers that support the use of the RFID chip that is implanted into the modern passports of today.

The clear wallet option is one that will still ensure your passport is safe, with the added convenience being that if your passport cover is transparent, you will be able to find your travel documentation much easier.

With many travel wallets available, they will even offer space for your tickets, mobile phone or a pouch for coins, so when it comes down to getting through the airport, you can do so with ease, giving you more time to enjoy some shopping or something to eat in the airport before you fly.

Match your passport cover to your other travel luggage accessories for a stylish look, and so when travelling internally or outside of Australia, you'll be able to identify your luggage and bags with ease.