Pasta Makers, Moulds & Presses

A homemade touch with pasta makers

If you love a home-cooked meal, and you also love pasta, why not start making your own? There’s something incredibly satisfying to know that you’ve made a meal completely from scratch, and with these homemade pasta moulds, presses and makers, you can be the master of the kitchen! From pasta rolling boards to full machine presses, eBay has everything you need to create your very own authentic pasta.

Pasta boards

There are several types of pasta boards available on eBay, including wooden gnocchi rolling boards through to versatile rubber boards with different indentations. These boards give you the option of mixing up your pasta shapes, so you can always choose your favourite. They’re easy to clean and come with all of the appropriate rolling tools. You’ll never have to buy pre-packaged pasta ever again!

Machine presses

If you want to step things up a notch in the kitchen, you might be interested in pasta rolling machines. They’re not the kind of kitchen gadgets you’ll find in every home, so you can definitely impress your friends with your homemade pasta. Rolling machines make it easy to create beautiful pasta, noodles, fettuccine and more. Why settle for pasta from a packet when you can control all of the ingredients and make it exactly the way you like? With a pasta machine roller, it’s easy!

Pasta moulds

There are plenty of different pasta moulds here on eBay, designed for specific types of pasta like ravioli. Some of the moulds also come with cutters, so you can get the exact size you need to create beautiful dishes your family and friends will love. For traditional, homemade pasta, you can’t go past the great moulds.

Cutting sets

Cutting tools are essential to homemade pasta makers because they give you the freedom to create the shapes you want. From rolling cutters to ravioli tools, the cutting sets on eBay are a great addition to any home chef’s cooking utensils.