Popular Patagonia Products

Patagonia is the pinnacle of outdoor sportswear and gear. A brand that was created by passionate sports folk who create a large assortment of quality items that are durable, inspired by nature and fit for purpose. Whether it's hiking, trail running, mountain biking, skiing and many other outdoor sports, you'll find the right gear for the job with Patagonia. Having been in operation for over 40 years, the team at Patagonia have the expertise to provide you with the variety, durability and quality you desire and require for your next outdoor adventure!

Patagonia Camping and Hiking Backpacks and Bags

If you're looking to make your way to the countryside and traverse a well-known hiking path or create your own wild adventure, it's in your best interest to be fully prepared for anything that the great outdoors can throw at you. Patagonia camping and hiking backpacks and bags are essential items for any upcoming hike. With many designs, styles and sizes you'll find that there's almost no end to the purposes you can use your backpack or bag for. Fit everything you need in a robust and sturdy pack to ensure you have what you need, when you need it!

Patagonia T-Shirts for Men

The selection of Patagonia men's t-shirts on offer from one of the world's finest adventure brands is only a click away! Whether it's a gift for a loved one or you need to stock up before you head out on the road to the bush, mountain or trail. Patagonia has a huge selection of ethically sourced fabrics, with comfort and durability to see you through from start to finish. A t-shirt you can wear almost anywhere, you won't be left feeling uncomfortable or unprotected with Patagonia!

Patagonia Men's Shoes

When walking the tracks or running the trails, you need to ensure the utmost comfort and protection for your feet. Look no further than the selection of Patagonia men's shoes available to prepare you for your upcoming hike and trail sessions. Durable, strong and a huge selection of styles and shapes to choose from, you're going to find that perfect fit with Patagonia!

Patagonia Camping and Hiking Pants and Shorts for Men

If you're planning to head away camping or hiking, having the right clothing to last you in the rugged wilderness should at the top of your considerations. You need a pair of shorts or pants to comfort you, yet withstand the harsh elements. Whether it's a pair of shorts on a hot summer's day for your next bush walk or run, or a lightweight pair of trousers for longer hikes, Patagonia has you covered. Take a browse through the Patagonia camping and hiking pants and shorts for men category and ensure you have the right gear your next trip!

Patagonia Women's Coats and Jackets

Enjoying the outdoors in harsh weather doesn't have to be an unpleasant experience. Some of nature's greatest visual experiences can be enjoyed during inclement weather. Most of us though will avoid heading to the outdoors when we see the forecast looking grey and gloomy. Don't be put off by the weather report; prepare yourself with a warm, comfortable and durable coat or jacket from the selection within Patagonia women's coats and jackets. The quality and style that the design team have incorporated into these jackets and coats means you can even wear them in the urban situations without looking out of place. A worthy investment, and one that will protect you from the wind, rain and harsh wilderness while encouraging you to enjoy nature in weather that others usually avoid.

Patagonia Hoodies and Sweatshirts for Men

Men's hoodies and sweatshirts are an essential item for the men of today. Designed for urban, outdoors or just casual use. Patagonia hoodies and sweatshirts will keep you warm and comfortable while protecting you from the elements. With a large variety of materials, styles and designs on offer, you can find the right gift for yourself or others in the shape of a Patagonia hoodie or sweatshirt!

Patagonia Tops for Women

When it comes to women's outdoor wear, it's often hard to find a style that fits most purposes.

This is where Patagonia really shines. Patagonia tops for women are not only robust and ready to tackle any outdoor adventure you throw at them, but they also look and feel great too. They're a top you can wear on the weekend or lounging around at home. You can rest assured that when you select a Patagonia women's top from the large selection on offer, you've got a style for almost every occasion.

For the planet

Patagonia is a company with a conscience. A team who strive to always improve their products and processes to adjust to the world's requirement for ethical and environmentally sustainable products. Their core values are aimed at simplicity, minimalism and utility. You'll find their latest products are created in alignment with these core values in mind. Patagonia's brand was created for those who enjoy "silent” sports. Sports that involve the movement of your body and not engines or materials that can impact the environment negatively. Always striving to improve their business models and ethics, you'll feel better knowing that you're supporting a company that supports sustainability all while supporting you on your outdoor adventures.

Supporting those who support the Earth

The team at Patagonia are not only creating products that align with their core values, but they also support those who want to make the Earth a better place for all. Supporting recent climate strike action, the team at Patagonia are supporting the youth and folks who are looking out for a better tomorrow. As well as progressively being involved in raising awareness, Patagonia is actively involved in high-level meet-ups and discussions to try and solve some of the world's most important environmental issues. When you purchase a Patagonia product, you'll also be contributing to a company that is looking out for the future of the Earth. A positive purchase, that reciprocally gives back to you in more ways than one, all while helping the future of our planet.

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