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Pearl Drum Kits

Pearl Drum Sets & Kits

A drummer is an essential part of any band or rhythm section. The drummer sets the beat and plays the cues that let the other people in the band when its time to start or move on to the next part of a song. As far as musical instruments go, a drum kit or drum set is a terrific way to get all of the essential pieces that a drummer needs to perform properly. Pearl is a premier manufacturer of drums and drum kits and Pearl drums look terrific on stage, in the garage or any practice space.

What comes in a Pearl drum set?

Although the number of items in a Pearl drum set varies by the model, a basic set has five pieces. These are:

  • Bass drum
  • Two toms
  • Floor tom
  • Snare drum

In addition, many of these sets with come with up to three cymbals, plus hardware for the cymbals, as well as a bass pedal and a throne.

What types of Pearl drum sets are available?

Pearl offers a number of different drum kits, such as:

  • Roadshow Five-Piece Set
  • Export New Fusion Five-Piece Set
  • Export Double Bass Eight-Piece Set
  • Session Studio Classic Four-Piece Set

Other types of Pearl drum sets include Masterworks, Music City Custom, Crystal Beat and Compact Traveler. The number of pieces and colours vary by set.