Pearl Fine Jewellery

Pearl Fine Jewellery

Because no two pearls are exactly alike, each piece of pearl fine jewellery is unique. Unlike diamonds, pearls have a natural lustre and dont need further cutting or polishing. These popular gifts, whether to yourself or someone else, are available in sterling silver and several types of gold metals. Purchase rings, earrings and necklaces that include one or more natural, simulated or lab-created pearls. Additionally, you can purchase numerous coloured pearls as well as the ever-popular black pearls from the South Sea.

Sterling Silver Pearl Jewellery

Constructed using a durable metal and a popular stone, sterling silver fine pearl jewellery can be handed down to family members as heirloom pieces. You can wear a sterling silver lariat necklace with dangling pearls or freshwater pearl earrings with silver posts on any occasion. Moreover, most genuine pearl necklaces are individually knotted to include solid silver clasps. An oval-shaped Mother of Pearl ring set into a sterling silver mount or natural-coloured pink, grey or pink pearl earrings are elegant additions to a jewellery collection.

Rose Gold Pearl Jewellery

The pinkish colour of rose gold fine pearl jewellery varies in intensity based on the amount of copper in the gold. This type of jewellery has a romantic appeal due to its antique-vintage appearance. Consider rose gold earrings that include pearls, garnets and small diamonds or a lustrous large pearl encased in a pendant you can wear on a chain.

Yellow Gold Pearl Jewellery

Yellow gold fine pearl jewellery is available in 9 to 18 karat gold examples showcasing gleaming white or light pink pearls. A dress ring may include one or more pearls set into a 9 karat yellow gold band, for instance. Yellow gold pearl necklaces may include a display box, and earrings may come packaged on a display stand. Additionally, some designs include pearls and natural gemstones clustered together to create brooches, rings and pendants.