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Pearl Flutes

Pearl Flutes

Theres something mesmerising about the lilting sound of flutes. Flutes have a distinct tone that enriches any piece of music, and the dulcet tones of these woodwind instruments create an orchestral mood no matter what type of music you play. Pearl flutes offer an array of options when it comes to purchasing flutes, and each type of flute creates its own specific sound, so pick a flute based on your personal preference when it comes to playing.


Created from the most superior materials on the market, Pearl alto flutes come in different designs, including Pearl silver headjoint flutes as well as all sterling options. Alto flutes have a deeper, lower and richer sound than other flutes while offering a different key than the traditional C flute. Meant for professional musicians, many orchestras feature the solo sounds of this engaging flute style due to its warm and distinct sound. Pearl offers a variety of flutes including a curved headjoint model or a model with both curved and straight headjoints. Flutes come in a lined case for protection.


Nothing can compete with the low register of bass flutes. Sitting at the very end of the flute spectrum, Pearl bass flutes are meant to resonate with deep sounds. Whether you play the bass flute as a soloist or as part of a group or orchestra, the features of this flute enhance any playing experience, including wooden touch pads and support for left-handed players. The pinless design alleviates the use of old-fashioned pins and creates a streamlined instrument.


The most common flute type and the style most beginners start with is the concert flute. This standard flute comes in two styles; metal or wood, and this soprano flute typically comes in straight designs, ensuring ease for students learning to put together and play the instrument. Select open or closed hole designs depending on the sound you desire. The traditional C flute is where most flautists begin their playing career, and this flute will always be the main flute a player uses. Other flutes, including bass or alto styles, simply enhance certain pieces, but theyre not meant to be the main type of flute musicians use. Pearl flutes offer premium craftsmanship to ensure a long-lasting instrument.

Flute Extras

When you play the flute, there are things you need in order to enjoy a seamless experience. Always carry your flute in a lined case to protect it from drops or bumps. Have a cleaning rod on hand to clean your flute after use, so it plays perfectly each time you pick it up. A polishing cloth keeps metal flutes gleaming while cleaning gauze helps you remove any buildup in your instrument.