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Peavey Guitar Amplifiers

Peavey guitar amps

Peavey guitar amps are known for having a range of amplifier technology. A guitar amp by Peavey can come in many different forms, and this can include solid state tube amps, tube amps, modelling amps and hybrid amps. Its also possible to get a combo guitar amplifier and this can be connected up to your bass guitar if you want to get some additional tone.

Solid state amps

A Peavey classic guitar amp gets its name because transistors are used for the preamp and the power section. These amps are incredibly reliable and can give you an incredible tone. They are often clean, but some give you the chance to use distortion as well. A Peavey classic combo amp, on the other hand, will give you the chance to use a range of distortion, clean, crunch and insane sound effects with the click of a button.

These will range in size and wattage, so youll be able to find one for practising at home, jamming in the studio, or using at gigs.

Tube amps

A tube guitar amp will help you as a guitarist to get that warm and organic tone. Tube amps tend to be much louder when compared to solid state amps even though they have the same wattage. Most tube amps will deteriorate over time and when this happens the tube will need to be changed.

Digital amps

Modelling amplifiers, or digital amplifiers, by Peavey, use digital processing technology to try and recreate the sound of an old-fashioned tube amp. Modelling amplifiers can be programmed and they also have effects such as delay, chorus and even speaker simulation. They can be connected to your computer via a MIDI cable in most cases and they are considered to be one of the most affordable and transportable options available.

Cabinet amps

Cabinet amps are the huge beasts you usually see at professional gigs. These tend to just be speakers and will require a head amp to change the sound of your guitar.