Get a piece of the past with a Pedigree doll from eBay 

Decades before Barbies reigned supreme on the girls' toy market, Pedigree dolls were the most popular fashion dolls in Australia. During the 1940s and through the 1950s, Pedigree dolls were found in the homes of little girls in Australia and across the world. Although the dolls went out of production many years ago, thousands of vintage Pedigree girls are still available on eBay. If you're interested in getting back in touch with your childhood or start a collection of retro memorabilia, eBay is the best place to find a piece of the past. 

While many little girls passed on their much-loved Pedigree dolls to friends, sisters or cousins, collectors have preserved a number of items in perfect condition. This means there are hundreds of dolls, clothes and accessories still preserve decades after their manufacture and ready for purchase on eBay. Many of the dolls even come with working voice boxes, which mean some of the dolls still say "Mama" when played with. 

Shopping for past relics like Pedigree's signature hard plastic dolls or the softer cloth has never been simpler. 

Although Pedigree is best known for its classic girl model, there are also adorable baby dolls, boy dolls and irresistible accessories to dress the dolls up in, from dresses to hats, trousers, shoes and scarves. Some come with wigs or repaired hair, but for truly dedicated collectors, there are still Pedigree dolls available online with their original locks. 

Collectors looking for that one specific doll to add to their collection can easily narrow down their hunt by using eBay's easy-to-use filters, selecting different eras, materials, genders, features and ethnicities. With thousands of Pedigree items available to buy on eBay, what are you waiting for? Start shopping for a Pedigree doll on eBay today.