Step it up with a Pedometer

Keep track of every step with a little help from pedometers. Whether you choose one to clip to your belt or attach to your wrist, it will monitor your movement and count your steps so you can set yourself daily goals and keep yourself active.

Benefits of a Pedometer

Those who are looking for an easy way to improve their fitness level or just get a little more active, a pedometer is a great way to track your movement. Just set your goals and get walking. Pedometers will usually not only count your steps but count how many calories that you're burning too, which is great if you're measuring how much you're eating against how much you're burning.

Having a way to track your steps makes it easier to see your levels of improvement, as well as giving you motivation to keep your activity levels up.

Activity Trackers

If you're looking to get more serious on the fitness, try looking for activity trackers that monitor other fitness aspects too. Having one with a heart rate monitor gives a more accurate reading of activity and calories burned, and brands such as FitBit have apps where you can set goals as well as other benefits.

These styles of fitness and activity trackers are usually worn on wristbands, making them lightweight and easy to fit into your day. If yours is waterproof, then you won't have to even take it off in the shower, either. Some also include sleep monitors so you can check whether you're getting a healthy level of sleep, especially deep sleep.

Replacement Bands

If you've been wearing your pedometer every day for some time now and the strap has worn away or broken, you can get a replacement strap for most makes and brands. Choose a classic black band that will match any outfit, or choose a colourful band to show off your personality.