Peltor headphones to protect your ears in any situation

When it comes to hearing protection for construction sites, hunting, and noisy work environments, the brand Peltor offers quality options. Not only do they make reliable ear defenders, they are experts in producing headsets for communication. You can find both types of Peltor safety headsets on eBay, and be safe in the knowledge that you're getting quality hearing protection.

Hearing protection

While you want to protect your hearing at work, it's important to have an awareness of what's going on around you. If your work environment contains safety hazards and you need to communicate with colleagues around you, go for a quality headset with a microphone for communicating with your team. For instance, the 3M Peltor ProTac III stops harmful levels of noise but allows you to hear sounds such as colleagues or alarms.

Many of the headsets from Peltor not only offer hearing protection but can also be tuned to radio frequencies. The major benefit is that you can stay in communications with your colleagues, or maybe you'd prefer to play your favourite tunes while you work. Peltor hunting gear keeps you safe whilst out in the wild.

Headsets from Peltor

One of the biggest benefits of choosing a headset from Peltor is the choice on how to wear it. If there are no overhead hazards, then an over-the-head style headset is ideal. If you're purchasing hearing protection with a view to being on a construction site where something might fall, then hearing protection that clips into a compatible helmet is a cracking solution.

Designs and fit

While the most important aspect is safety, it's a good idea to think about the fit of your hearing protection, especially for extended wear. Most of the headsets fit over the top of the head or accommodate head protection, and some go around the back of the head.

It depends on how the wearer feels, and what they find most suitable for their needs. The situation is important too, such as considering overhead dangers, or particular noise levels, which all play a part in choosing a headset.