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Pencil Sharpener

Pencil Sharpener

A pointed tip on a pencil isnt always easy to achieve. The right pencil sharpener ensures a strong tip perfect for clear writing. For some, an old schoolhouse-style pencil sharpener is best. For others, the ease and spead of an electric pencil sharpener makes the most sense. In some cases, specialised sharpeners are important, such as a makeup pencil sharpener for use with the soft material in these eyeliner pencils. Numerous options exist for just about every practical and unique need.

Electric Pencil Sharpeners

The typical electric pencil sharpener is one of the most common selections. For journaling or other business stationery needs, this is a practical solution. Whether with a cord or operated with batteries, electric pencil sharpeners make fast work of sharpening to a point. Some offer a sharper blade that lasts longer. Most feature a box to hold shavings. Some feature a pencil holder too.

Hand-Crank Pencil Sharpeners

A more energy-friendly option, the hand-crank pencil sharpener is still a popular option. Some feature a rotating faceplate that allows for changing the hole size to accommodate pencils of different widths. They feature a suction-type bottom to hold the sharpener in place, though some fasten with screws to a surface. The user turns the handle to operate them.

Makeup Pencil Sharpeners

Makeup, such as eyeliners, typically have a soft material within a harder, pencil-like shell. Sharpening this type of pencil requires a bit more attention and care so as not to damage or waste the makeup within it. Makeup pencil sharpeners tend to be hand-turning models.

Fun Themed Pencil Sharpeners

Encourage kids to have fun with drawing, colouring, and writing with cute or themed pencil sharpeners. Whether in the shape of a cow, pig, or another animal, these types of pencil sharpeners bring a smile to a persons face along with a sharpened, ready-to-write point to the pencil.

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