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Peppermint Aromatherapy Supplies

When it comes to essential oils, peppermint is an excellent all-purpose oil that is well worth the investment. The laundry list of benefits this oil has is extensive, and many consider it an all-purpose oil.

Potential Benefits

Some of the uses for this oil include pain relief, specifically for muscles. Peppermint is a natural painkiller and muscle relaxant. Furthermore, it is great for joint therapy as well as teething in babies, both of which tie to its natural painkilling properties. Additionally, peppermint is a natural bug repellent for any bug. Whether you have a tick problem in your backyard or dislike most bugs invading your space during the summer, simply spray a little peppermint on you and live bug-free. Likewise, if you forgot to use bug spray and have several bites or an itchy rash, peppermint can serve as an anti-itch treatment. Peppermint also has the ability to act as a decongestant and open stuffed airways, which also helps with allergy relief. The uses for this oil are endless.

Peppermint Dropper Bottles

With any essential oil, because the concentrations are so high, it is important to store any oil in a glass container. It can eat away at a plastic container and damage it. Furthermore, because essential oils are so highly concentrated, it doesn’t take much for a one-time application. You may only need one or two drops to effectively alleviate whatever issue you might have. As a result, accurately retrieving these drops from a bottle could be tricky, and having the right supplies could be a great asset. A peppermint dropper bottle could greatly help in obtaining the one or two drops that you need. These bottles are glass and come in either a brown or dark blue colour, with a dropper that extends into the glass bottle, along with a bulb at the end that you can squeeze to extract the oil from the bottle. Dropper bottles are a safe and effective way to use your peppermint oil on a daily basis.

Other Supplies and Scents

Additional aromatherapy supplies that you could use in conjunction with dropper bottles include glass spray bottles and roller bottles that have roller balls to easily glide the oil onto the skin. Consider trying other types of aromatherapy oil as well, for other benefits. For example, lavender and lavender scent aromatherapy supplies are famous for their relaxing properties.

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