Listen to your favourite tunes with a personal CD player

Personal CD players can range from larger, hi-fi systems to portable CD players that were the forerunners to MP3 players. If you've resisted the call of the digital age, like to collect music or just prefer the sound of a CD, there's a huge range of personal CD players for you to blare out those tunes.

In-built CD players

You can get stereo systems with inbuilt CD players from brands like Sony, Panasonic and Phillips, but there are plenty of unbranded CD players to be found. Many of these will feature AM and FM radio capabilities too. Most of these will have inbuilt speakers and provide quality audio.

They come in a range of different shapes and colours allowing you to choose one that will suit the décor of your room. Opt for a sleek grey unit, or decorate a child's bedroom with a bright pink one.

Multi-disk players

Multi-disk players and CD changers are still popular today. These work by loading in more than one CD at a time. Some will accept up to 6 CDs, letting you choose which one to listen to without the need to take out a CD to put the next one in.

All the top brands produced portable CD players, and some are still doing so today. Basic versions will allow you to plug in headphones and listen to a CD with the option to skip tracks, whereas others will have more features such as a radio or a light-up screen that will give information about the current track and CD.

Portable devices to take you from A to B

These portable devices can come with stylish and protective carry cases that'll give you room to store the CD player and a few CDs. These too come in a range of colours and designs from simple disc shapes of one colour, to metallic looking squares. There are also portable speakers that can be plugged in for more social settings.