Personal Floatation Devices

Personal Floatation Devices

Personal flotation devices, or PFDs or life jackets, are among the most important pieces of safety equipment when it comes to many water sports. Many countries, including Australia, have laws surrounding the use and possession of life jackets and other personal flotation devices. In some situations, such as when boating or jetskiing, it is mandatory to have life jackets on board your vessel, and in certain situations you even have to wear them according to Australian law.

Why Should You Buy a Life Jacket?

If you participate in a lot of water sports, buying a life jacket will probably be one of the best things that you ever do. It doesn’t matter if you buy a standard PFD or an inflatable life jacket; it could save your life one day. Yes, they are sometimes a little expensive and may seem like an unnecessary cost, but they are absolutely essential when it comes to keeping yourself safe in dangerous situations. After all, how much is your life worth?

Inflatable Life Jackets

Inflatable life jackets are very useful for people who need full mobility and a full range of movement, but who still need protection in the event of an accident. People like rock fishermen use inflatable life jackets, which self-inflate on contact with water. This feature has saved many lives, as people are often in shock or injured when they fall or wash into the ocean.

Buying the Right Life Jacket

Buying the right life jacket is extremely important. There are many different forms of PFDs on the market, and each of them works with a specific sport or for use in a specific situation. Don’t simply buy the cheapest life jacket on the market; give some thought to what you are going to be using it for and get the right one. It could save your life one day!