Personal Organisers

Personal Organisers

Vital for keeping track of your important meetings, events and notes, a personal organiser is a great option for professionals, students and those who simply live busy lives. Plenty of organiser sizes and styles can be found with colours and designs for even the most flamboyant personalities.

Personal Organisers for Business Professionals

Some of the most popular personal organisers are those designed for use in the corporate world. Generally produced in a restrained colour palette, such as black, grey and brown, they are unobtrusive and professional. The material options include leather, synthetic leather and microfibre. Compendiums reveal a planner or notepad on the interior with compartments for pens, business cards, paperwork and even iPads. Other organisers are styled more as daily planners with each calendar day marked out for easy record keeping. Leather folders are a luxurious investment and ensure that you arrive to business meetings looking chic, presentable and pulled together. Leathers, such as Saffiano, are hardwearing and will withstand years of use. They also tend to age well, simply developing a patina over time. The interior notepad and paper can be replaced so that your potentially pricey investment in a portfolio wont go to waste, and the organiser can be used over and over, indefinitely.

Personal Organiser Colours and Themes

Not just limited to sensible black, there are myriad colours and themes of organisers from which to choose. Pink and pastels with silver or rose gold embossing, marble, polka dot and striped patterns make for an accessory thats pretty and feminine, whilst still being functional. For children, there are brightly-coloured and cartoon-themed planners to encourage them from an early age.

Personal Financial Year Diaries

A financial year diary is excellent for those who run businesses or are freelancers, as they run from fiscal year beginning to end, allowing people to easily keep track of their financial obligations. Theyre available in plenty of fun and interesting styles so you can still showcase your personality whilst ensuring the sensible business side of things are met.

Personal Journals

A good journal is a great way to jot down thoughts and notes or even keep a detailed diary. Many people find journaling is a great way to release emotions, process thoughts and keep track of their activities as they travel or simply progress through life. Journals are available in lined and unlined pages, and in all kinds of sizes, from large to compact volumes to fit easily in your bag, or even a pocket.