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Personal Watercrafts

You don't need an oversized boat to enjoy the feel of the sun on your face and the excitement of racing through the water. Personal watercrafts that are created solely for one offer up the thrills of being on the ocean along with the fun of riding the waves in a safe and secure way. Smaller in size than boats and more user-friendly than skis, you don't need anyone to pull you when you're cruising through the ocean on your own personal, seaworthy vehicle.

Cool Your Jets

Jet skis are one of the most popular types of personal watercrafts. Made to fit up to three riders, jet skis are lightweight and easy to drive yet offer plenty of horsepower for cutting effortlessly through the waves. With ergonomic handlebars that make holding on a cinch, you don't need to be a professional to operate a jet ski. Available in many fun colours and bold styles, options range from basic designs to more luxurious looks.

Ride the Waves

Waverunner personal watercrafts are an affordable watercraft option. Waverunners offer precision and control, making riding the waves as much of a sport as it is a hobby. Packed with features like an easy-to-read digital display, rearview mirrors, and a seat that holds up to three riders, the Waverunner feels like the watercraft version of a sporty car. Perfect for recreational water racing, Waverunners are fuel-efficient and comfortable. The models include a tow hook for adding a water skiing friend along for the ride, or for pulling a tube.

Stand Tall

A favourite among jet ski enthusiasts, stand-up jet skis offer an entirely different experience from their traditional seated counterparts. A thrilling and exciting experience, riding a stand-up jet ski requires a bit more experience than the old-fashioned kind, and can be a fun challenge for intermediate to experienced riders. Easy to manage, efficient, and full of features, stand-up jet skis are an appealing alternative to other types of watercraft. Simple to drain after each use, the vehicles also offer personal item storage and an anti-theft ignition switch.

Ocean Additions

Ready to hit the waves for the day? Don't leave behind some important jet ski accessories that may make your day more fun, and of course, safer. Don't head out to the water without wearing a life jacket, and if you're going tubing or skiing, don't forget a rope to connect to the back of the watercraft. An extra gas can may come in handy, and you may want to have some jet ski cleaner on hand after a day in the water and sand.