Personalised Pen

Personalised Pen

To mark any milestone, whether its a personal accomplishment, life goal, or a career celebration, personalised pens and writing instruments make a wonderful gift. These keepsakes are a great choice when looking to celebrate a special moment in a person’s life that you respect and care for. You can engrave or print just about anything on most pens including a special message, important date, logo, etc. The possibilities are endless. You can even personalise a set of writing instruments to last for an extended period of time. You can use these at work, home or school, and they make for a cherished gift. No matter what style or taste your recipient has, there is a writing instrument out there for them that can be personalised however you want and in whatever style you want as well.

Engravable Pens

For those who want a more traditional, professional or upscale feel to their personalised gift, engravable pens are a good choice. These pens use an aluminium metal that is strong enough for engraving. They can either be a shiny enamel or have a metallic sheen. There are several colours that these pens come in so you have countless possibilities as to the combinations you could create with the colours and style of engraving. Monogramming pens is also a nice way to personalise giftable pens. With a simple design, these pens can make for a great gift.

Printed Promotional Pens

Another option for personalised pens is a variety of business stationery, including printed promotional pens. These are usually plastic and come in an array of colours. Many businesses choose to have these personalised pens as promotional items to hand out to customers or employees. Because many companies utilize these and hand them out like candy, you can order these pens in extremely large quantities at a time. Additionally, you can get your company’s logo, name or slogan printed on the pens. Generally, you use one colour for printing, however if you’re looking to add multiple colours, the cost for printing will increase. These pens are an inexpensive way to get your name out there and in the community.