Personalised Stickers

Personalised Stickers

Personalised stickers are a fantastic way to make an event, business, or person look polished and authentic. Address labels are common in many households and save people from having to write out their address on the letters they mail. Wedding stickers help bring stationary together or personalise wedding details. Business stickers add an extra level of refinement and help advertise and market the business. People who love stationary may also love monogrammed stickers. They seal postal envelopes and are a nice touch, in the same way that a wax stamp was used a century ago. While these are not the only way personalised stickers present, they are some of the most popular personalised stickers.

Address Labels

Address labels should clearly articulate the sender's address, first and foremost. They should be clear to read, not too small, but also not too large, as they should not overwhelm the envelope. People often use address labels to show off their or their family's personality. Pet lovers may choose a photo of a dog, or even put their own pet on the label. Others may want a fun design or a pop of colour on their label.

Wedding Stickers

Wedding stickers can work for you in a variety of ways, from invitations to party favours. They can make an otherwise normal bottle of champagne look like it came straight from direct from the vintner specifically for your wedding celebration. Additionally, if placed on an invitation envelope, they can give the guest an idea of the theme or style of the wedding.

Business Stickers and Shipping Labels

Business stickers are handy in a number of ways. You can place them directly on plain brown shopping bags to personalise them. They can be a means of promoting the store when given out to customers. They can also go on the top of a piece of white paper to make personalised stationary, or to decorate an online shipment. Shipping labels are also very handy for businesses who want to skip a trip to the post office and print the verification from the point of departure.

Monogram Stickers

Monogram stickers are another great way for people to personalise their stationary. People can add the sticker to an envelope to seal it, or they can add it to a plain card to create their own personal stationary. Monogram stickers can make the sender look more elegant, or just show off their interest in paper goods.