Pet Urns

Pet Urns

Bid farewell to your beloved Fido with a pet urn that reflects his personality to the claw, fin or scale. Though nothing can ever replace a cherished companion that has passed away, and the grief is unimaginable, selecting a meaningful pet urn that pays homage to your late pet keeps his memories alive forever. It also helps with your grief and healing.

Pet Urn Type and Material

Permanent or display urns that stay in your home are elaborately crafted from durable materials, such as metal, wood and granite, to keep the ashes safe and secure. Conversely, pet urns for scattering ashes are made from a lightweight material, such as paper, or may be water soluble. They are light to carry and have a lid to ease the process. If you choose either a water or land burial for your beloved, a biodegradable urn is an excellent choice as it is natural, non-toxic and does not harm the environment. Keep a little ash and the spirit of your adored pet close to you with a wee keepsake urn, or wear the ashes even closer to your heart as a pet memorial pendant.

Type of Pet

While pet urns are usually crafted in a small, compact form, they are sized and even adorned according to the type of pet you had, be it a goldfish, lizard or kookaburra. Youll find lots of realistic felines at rest from the collection of cat pet urns, though they are probably much smaller in size than the dog pet urns because dogs are generally bigger and weigh more comparatively.

Pet Urn Features

Consider engraved pet urns to give your pet a more personalised feature, while the waterproof pet urns weather well against the elements when placed outside.

Pet Urn Size

If you know the approximate weight of your dearest pet, then it is easy for you to determine whether an urn is adequate or not. Allow 35 millilitres of urn volume per kilogramme of pet weight. When in doubt, or if theres no way to determine the weight, opt for a larger urn instead.

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