Petrol/Gas Home Standard Water Heaters

After a long day on the road or working on a remote site, it seems pretty reasonable that most of us would want a hot shower. A gas shower fitted for your caravan or motorhome will allow you to do just that. A gas shower is gas and battery powered, so if you don’t have access to a mains power source and need to save your solar for other equipment or devices, never mind – it won’t get in the way of you enjoying a good shower! A camping shower unit is compact, portable and affordable, easy to attach to the caravan or cabin external wall and just as easy to hook up to a shower hose and the water inlet. If you’re camping and return from a day at the beach or trekking in the hills, or if you’re working on site and come back tired, sore and dusty after a long day, a gas shower will mean that you don’t have to go completely without any creature comforts.

Find the right gas shower online: things to think about

There are a couple of things to consider when looking for a gas shower or camping shower online. You may find some camping shower units that will not heat the water above a certain temperature – this is a useful safety feature particularly if there are going to be children at the campsite or nearby. It’s also worth checking the product listing details to get an idea of the power of the camping shower unit: for example, how many litres of water can it heat per hour? This will be particularly important if you’re planning to take the gas shower unit with you on a trip with a large group of family and friends – you don’t want anyone getting stuck with a cold shower! Browse a great online range of portable camping showers to find just the right fit for you. Another thing you mustn’t forget is a towel! Camping towels are usually made of a special micro fibre material that is extremely lightweight and dries extra quickly, making them the perfect towel to take with you on the road. Look online with eBay today and set your self up with everything you need to make the next camping trip comfortable and convenient