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Finding a Vintage Peugeot Bike Online

Vintage Peugeot bicycles often offer a sleek aesthetic for those looking to cycle for fun, commuting, or competition. And online, there is a wealth of vintage models to choose from. When searching for a Peugeot bicycle on eBay, there are a few main things you should keep in mind:

What types of Peugeot bikes are available?

As with most bicycle manufacturers, Peugeot has an array of bicycle types. While the vintage Peugeot road bike is one of the most commonly available builds, this company offers several types, including the following:

  • Road bikes: Road bikes come in two main types: racing and touring. A Peugeot bicycle designed for racing will be optimized for speed and aerodynamics. A touring bike will still be suitable for road riding but it is more optimized for comfort over long distances.
  • Mountain bikes: This type of build is designed for riding on trails or rougher roads.
  • BMX bikes: Peugeot offers a catalogue of BMX bikes. These bikes are designed for smooth BMX tracks with jumps.
Ensuring you purchase the right affordable bike size

One of the most important things when finding a used bike is making sure you find the right size. eBay helps make your search a little easier by allowing you to sort your search results by wheel size. However, with vintage Peugeot bicycles and with others, wheel size isn't the only thing that matters. Be sure to verify the frame size of the bicycle before you buy it. If possible, verifying as many measurements as you can will help ensure you get the right fit. Measuring the reach (from seat to grips) is one of the more important measurements to get.

Paying attention to bike age and condition

Vintage bicycles have their own unique charm, and their aesthetics can vary depending on the age. For example, many vintage Peugeot bikes were made in the 1970s. These bikes are visually somewhat different from bikes made in the 1980s and 1990s. If you aren't sure what particular vintage bike you want, it may help to choose an aesthetic you like or features you want.

Just as age itself is important, so is the condition. The condition of vintage bikes matters for more than just looks. For instance, while a rusted frame might not look nice, rust is also prone to spreading. This can ultimately cause significant damage. Similarly, peeled paint can lead to a metal frame beginning to develop rust. Check a used bike's condition carefully to ensure it still has lots of life left in it.