Attract the opposite sex with pheromones

When you purchase a perfume infused with pheromones, you're not just buying a nice smelling perfume or cologne. The aroma mimics pheromones, or natural scents, produced by the human body to provoke feelings of desire in the opposite sex. So, whether you're looking to attract a new partner or spice up your current relationship, a bottle of pheromones fragrance is just what you need.

Fragrances for men

When it comes to dating, women often say a man that smells good is very attractive. With a pheromone fragrances for men, you'll be simply irresistible. There's a wide choice of pheromone cologne on offer, so whether you're heading out on a date or have planned a romantic rendezvous with your wife, things are sure to heat up.

There's a choice of bottle sizes, from 4 ml to 25 ml or larger. You could carry a tiny 4 ml bottle with you and top up the scent when necessary. Some of the pheromone scents come in sets, so you can choose from one of two fragrances, depending on your preference that day.

Fragrances for women

If you're a female looking to spice things up, a pheromone fragrance for women will attract viable candidates in a heartbeat. There's a variety of pheromone sprays to choose from, and they come in a wide range of packaging. So not only will they increase feelings of desire they will look great on your dresser too.

If you're not so keen on sprays then you can also find pheromone fragrances in oil and solid format too. Just pop the oil onto your skin and rub in, or let the solid pheromones warm up on your skin before massaging in and you'll have an effective pheromone fragrance.

Unisex fragrances

As well as gender-specific fragrances you can also find unisex pheromone scents to increase attraction. This would be a cracking choice if you're with a long-term partner and you wanted to share a bottle, instead of buying individual scents.