Popular Philips Avent Products

Soothe, feed and more with Philips Avent baby essentials on eBay

Helping mothers and fathers keep their children happy and healthy since 1984, Philips Avent has become one of the most trusted and popular brands in baby equipment over its 30-plus years of existence.    

Baby bottle revolution 

The introduction of the Philips Avent baby bottle revolutionised one of the most important pieces of a new family’s feeding setup. Before the company’s invention in the early 1980s, baby bottles were longer with longer, harder teats. But Edward Atkin, the managing director of what was known as Avent at the time, saw room for improvement after he struggled to feed his newborn son. Atkin devised a new bottle, which would become the Avent Classic model, that was shorter and wider for easier cleaning and featured a tip made of softer silicone.    

Branching out 

In the following years, Avent, which was purchased by global giant Philips in 2006, started producing other important tools and accessories for raising young ones.   

In addition to the classic Philips Avent baby bottles, the company also produces breast pumping tools and accessories that can help transfer vital nutrients from mothers to young sons and daughters.   

But there’s more to the company than feeding assistants. Whether you call them dummies, pacifiers, soothers or have another little nickname for them, these tiny tools can make a big difference in the lives of your family. Philips Avent dummies and soothers can calm a screaming baby, providing the comfort to stem the tide of tears and wails. With dozens of colours and designs, you can find one for your kid, and of course several backups for the car, nappy bag and elsewhere around the house.   

With more than 30 years of helping mums and dads take care of babies and toddlers, Philips Avent provides a mix of quality and experience that can help keep the kids happy and healthy. Check them out on eBay today.