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Philips Clippers and Trimmers

Philips offers an extensive line of clippers and trimmers for shaving and hair removal that make it easier than ever to achieve a look that suits your taste. Philips has a vast array of specialty trimmers for beards, moustaches, as well as hair and head clippers and trimmers. It also offers several makes and models of Philips Multi Groomers that allow you to polish off your look with only one unit. You can also choose rechargeable units or those that strictly plug into an outlet. There are also battery-powered trimmers that make grooming convenient for those on-the-go touch-ups.

Philips Hair Trimmers

Philips hair clippers and trimmers are the perfect solution for a touch-up. The various trimmer blade sizes make them ideal for all hair types. Most of the units are rechargeable, so you don't have to worry about those pesky cords getting in the way. Most trimmer units are lightweight, yet durable enough to get the job done for many years.

Philips Hair Clippers

Philips hair clippers are an inexpensive way to achieve the trendiest styles without the expense of a salon. The easy-to-use clippers have an array of clipping blades so you are sure to find a length that suits your taste. Most units are rechargeable, and they often include oil and a cleaning brush to help you maintain your clippers and keep your blades cutting precisely for years.

Moustache and Beard Trimmers

There is an entire line of Philips beard and moustache clippers and trimmers that offer features such as rechargeable batteries, multiple blades and attachments, and portability. The powerful motors make it easy to shave, trim, and shape your beard and moustache with precision. Most units come with three blades in various sizes, making it easier than ever to define the edges and contours of your face.

Philips Multigroomers

Philips offers several makes and models of Multigroomers that are ideal for manscaping the look you desire. Most Multigroomers offer a trimmer on one end and a shaving head on the other. Most units come with various blade sizes, making it easy to cut any type or length of hair. Almost all Philips Multigroomers come with a rechargeable battery so there is no need to worry about that pesky cord blocking your view.