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Philips Monitors

Made for use with many types of computers, Philips monitors offer both high quality and multiple features. These monitors come in a variety of sizes to meet every need, and with the reputable Philips name behind the devices, they're sure to enhance your computing experience, whether you're working, playing games or enjoying media such as music or movies.

Monitor Display Technology

Many computer monitors are categorised by their displays, and this includes monitors made with a plasma display or with an LCD display. Philips offers LCD monitors that are IPS, TN and VA options, which refers to the panel type. A TN LCD monitor (which stands for twisted nematic) is thin, lightweight, clear and commonly used. Panels that use IPS (or in-plane switching) models offer a higher contrast ratio than TN monitors do. The last type, VA panels (or vertical alignment), represents a good middle ground between IPS and VA. These monitors offer largely the best of both IPS and TN monitors and boast an even higher refresh rate than the other monitor types do.

Monitor Sizes

One of the easiest ways to narrow monitors down is by size. You'll want to choose the monitor size that fits well with your available space, as well as with your budget. Some common monitor sizes to consider include an average-sized 27-inch monitor, which is typically the standard size for most monitors. If you have space for a larger monitor, Philips offers 32-inch, 34-inch and 40-inch monitor options as well. A curved 34-inch monitor is another type of monitor to consider, with a curved and flexible screen that provides a more immersive experience than flat monitors do.

Monitor Features

Modern monitors aren't just screens; they are devices packed with features that make using your computer more convenient and pleasurable. Some features to consider include additional ports for adding peripherals, a built-in backlight, a 4K display and built-in stereo speakers for optimal sound quality. Philips SmartControl models offer automatically adjusting colours to create the most enhanced images possible. There are also monitors that offer a Multiview feature, which is perfect for conferences at work with colleagues. Additionally, choose a monitor with fast-charging ports to power up your devices even quicker than normal.

Monitor Aspect Ratio

If formatting is important to you, select a Philips monitor based on its aspect ratio. What this refers to is the difference between a full-screen monitor and a wide-screen monitor. The most common aspect ratio is 4:3, and if you'd prefer a wide-screen monitor, opt for a ratio such as 16:9. Philips also offers several other options when it comes to screen format, including 21:9 and 16:10.

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