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Why You Should Use a Philips Shaver Head

Shaving is always a pain. Who wants to get up a few minutes earlier every day, just so that they can trim the hair off their face? It almost seems pointless, because its just going to come back again the next day. Wed all rather spend those extra few minutes curled up in a warm bed, but daily shaving is an unfortunate reality for many men. Thankfully, the job can be much easier if you use a Philips shaver head instead of a cartridge razor. There are many options available on eBay.

An Electric Shaver Saves Time

When alarms sound on Monday morning, many people would do unspeakable things for just a few more minutes of sleep. With an electric razor, you can have those few minutes because the whole shaving process becomes quicker and easier. All you have to do is grab your electric shaver and get to work. Theres no more preparation upfront and many people find that they dont have to go over each area as many times.

You Can Use an Electric Shaver Without Shaving Cream

One of the main advantages of an electric shaver is that you can use it dry. You dont have to rub shaving cream across your face to act as a lubricant. An electric shaver can cut straight away, without all the hassle. It also means that you dont have to worry about washing off the shaving cream–or even worse, missing a spot and only finding the big dab of cream on your ear when you get to work.

Electric Shavers Rarely Need the Blades Changed

Normal razors go blunt very quickly. If you dont change them frequently, dull blades can lead to cuts and a poor shave. A Philips shaver needs to be changed much less often. When it does, the heads are very easy to swap over and you can get back to shaving smoothly in just a few moments.