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A natural alternative

Natural alternatives such as aromatherapy and herbal remedies can be an answer to many health issues you may have.

What is light therapy?

Great for those who having trouble sleeping, light therapy is used to improve serotonin levels and melanin production to help you sleep better and improve your mood at the same time. If you don’t want to turn to sleeping aids and pills, this range of Phillips light therapy devices can help. Natural alternatives such as this carry great health benefits and bypass the harsh drugs often prescribed by health professionals.

A trusted brand

Founded in 1891, Phillips is a Dutch brand that is now known worldwide for it’s quality products and electronics, lighting, audio and medical equipment. With high reviews and brand awareness, their range of light therapy devices were made by experts and are specifically designed to be used easily, be portable and have plenty of great health benefits for this modern age, including better sleep cycles, increased restfulness and more. This product works by simulating a natural sunset as you doze off to sleep and imitating a rising sun as you wake up. A fantastic natural alternative to sleeping pills and over the counter drugs, simply plug in a light therapy device and let it do all the work for you!

A great range of products

Beyond the modern range of light therapy products, this range also includes the vintage Phillips Infraphil heat lamp, great for keeping you warm in cold winter nights. Sold alongside this is the innovative, portable and easy to use Phillips light alarms, all on offer at competitive prices.If you aren’t one to wander through shopping centres searching for the right product and need to improve your sleep cycle, this range is right at your fingertips, shop now!