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Philips Men's Electric Shavers

Philips Electric Shavers for Men

Made for a close, clean shave, Philips electric shavers for men are a portable answer to mens grooming needs. Packed with features and available in an array of types, the shavers get the job done in minutes, and offer the flexibility you need in a shaver. No matter what your skin type is, these electric shavers work to give you the best grooming experience from a high-quality shaver.


There are many models to pick from depending on the shaver features that interest you most. For instance, opt for user-friendly Philips cordless mens electric shavers and leave the cumbersome cord behind. Philips electric rechargeable shavers for men, including the 9700 series, offer up to 60 minutes of cordless shaving once youre fully charged. Other models to consider include the brands wet/dry series, which gives you more options for shaving, such as the 9300 series or the 4100 series. Another factor to keep in mind is number of heads, such as 4, 5 or 8, which may be a factor in your decision.


When it comes to features, Philips shavers pack a punch. These high-tech groomers offer you the most updated technology, including a digital interface as well as multiple settings for the most customised experience. Many shavers are wet/dry models, while a matching trimmer straightens up your moustache or sideburns. Keep your shaver spotless when you select a model with the SmartClean System, which means that the system is self-cleaning as well as self-lubricating to ensure your shaver is ready for you each day.


A multifunction shaver gives you the option to groom not only your face but your body, too. These versatile models, such as the Click&Style shaver, offer multiple attachments for every use. It also allows you to trim your beard different lengths with a settings adjuster that allows you to personalise your look. There are also models solely for sensitive skin, including the CareTouch shaver, which uses a more gently shaving system to ensure a lighter touch but with all the features of the regular shaver models.


Maintain your machine with shaving supplies, including replacement heads, blades or cleaning cartridges. If you travel with your shaver, ensure you have a carrying case to keep your shaver secure on the go. Add a SmartClick to your shaver if it didnt come with one and keep your moustache perfectly trimmed.