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Philips TV Remote Control

Philips electronics and remote controls encompass a variety of products, including television and Blu-ray player remotes. Philips TV remote controls make life easy by letting you change channels, control volume, and control other media options as well, all from one handy device. If you lose an existing remote control, it's easy to replace it with a compatible option.

It's Universal

One of the simplest types of remotes to use is the universal remote control. A universal remote is compatible with all types of sets and devices; not just one model number or system. You can programme universal TV remotes to work with any device, and there's usually a code you can input to set it up in order to use it with your specific TV or electronic.

TV Time

Philips offers multiple TV remote options. These work in conjunction with Philips televisions. Each remote has a model number that corresponds to a certain set. Most TV remotes offer a variety of options, from basic controls like volume to more detailed settings, like operating multiple media types at once, such as a set top box, DVD player, or Blu-ray player. Some Philips remotes also adjust surround sound for the most superior viewing experience.

Let the Music Play

There are also Philips remotes that control Philips stereo systems and audio players. These small, simple remotes work with stereos and CD players to let you control the volume, switch to the next song, or turn the power off completely with just the press of a button. These remote controls typically only work with Philips brand systems.

Movie Night

If you're looking for an all-in-one remote that lets you control your entire home theatre, opt for Philips Blu-ray or DVD remotes. Whether you choose remotes that work separately with each component, or you purchase a remote that has every option already included, these media remotes make watching your favourite content simple and seamless. User-friendly and packed with features, battery-powered remotes let you control everything without having to move from your comfortable spot on the couch.