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Are you always running out of credit and data on your mobile phone? Do you wish you had access to your mobile data when you’re travelling overseas? Is it getting in the way of your social media sharing? Worry no more. There is a multitude of ways to keep in touch with friends and loved ones and maintain your social media presence while out of the country. 

eBay’s range of Phone and SIM cards means you’ll never be disconnected again. There is something to suit every traveller with mobile data cards for a multitude of countries. Gone are the days where you need to worry about data roaming charges and a growing phone bill on your holiday. 

Are you someone that eats up data watching the latest online viral videos or uploading the perfect holiday snaps? Select Phone and SIM cards from a range of popular and well-known mobile networks that have all the data you can need for your trip overseas. Choose from cards with 3GB, 35GB, 40GB and even 50GB worth of data. Even the most avid selfie-taker couldn’t use up all that credit in one month. 

Want to know one the best reasons to purchase your Phone and SIM cards from eBay’s collection? You’ll be saving heaps of cash on your monthly pre-paid phone bill. For example, you could purchase up to $40 worth of credit for a fraction of the price. Bargain hunters should waste no time in buying their next batch of phone credit via this fantastic and not to be missed range. 

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