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A Buying Guide for Photo Albums and Boxes

Photos are treasures that hold cherished memories. You likely have hundreds or even thousands of photos that you want to preserve for future generations. To keep the images safe, you need photo albums or boxes, which you can easily find at affordable prices on eBay, with the right features.

Are the boxes archival quality?

Archival-quality photo albums and boxes for sale are specifically designed for long-term preservation. If you treasure your pictures and you want them to remain safe for years, then you should look for archival quality units. These are specifically designed to keep dirt, dust, and light out. Additionally, these photo albums or boxes contain a buffer layer that keeps atmospheric pollutants and other damaging materials from affecting the container. If you need to shop photos for years, then an archival-quality box is a necessity.

Choose boxes that are acid free

Acid eats away at images over time. Even a tiny amount of acid can prove disastrous for your photo storage plans. Before putting an album into storage, make sure you find an acid-free box. Most box manufacturers are aware of this issue and provide this information. Always look for the acid-free label before buying your album storage box.

Is there a place to put a label on the box?

Storing your photos is the first step in the organisational process. If you want easy access to your photos, then you'll need a labeling system. Most photo storage box manufacturers have started including labels on the fronts of their boxes. These labels allow you to note which photos are stored in the container quickly. If you plan to use these boxes for years, then look for a metal label holder that allows you to swap labels regularly.

Size of the photo box or album

Photos come in many sizes. Are the ones you want to preserve full-sise portraits or 3-inch-by5-inch snapshots? Look through the pictures you plan to shop in your photo box before making a purchase. You should find an affordable photo album or box for sale that can shop your pictures comfortably. You don't want any photos getting bent or folded when they are in storage. Read the descriptions carefully and pay attention to the size. See the manufacturer site for details.

What are photo albums and boxes made from?

Slip-in photo albums may be made of cardboard, fabric, leather or faux leather, vinyl, plastic, metal, or wood. Picture boxes for sale are usually made from some form of cardboard or fibreboard. They may also be made of wood. Many boxes are now made either partially or entirely from recycled materials. If you care about recycling, then read the description carefully. It should tell you the materials the box is made from, and how much of the material is recycled. The description may even tell you if the box is recyclable.

Buying photo album boxes is crucial for preserving your memories. By checking its size, materials, label holder, and whether the box is archival quality, you can find the one that meets your needs.

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