Photo Albums and Storage

Just because digital photos are popular doesn’t mean that you still don’t need adequate storage for your “analogue” photos. Whether they’re vintage photos you’re trying to organise, or you like to print out your digital photos, organising them is key to keeping them in good shape for years to come. There are quite a few photo album and storage solutions to help keep your pictures looking sharp and colourful through the decades.

Photo Albums

Perhaps the most well-known and convenient way to store photos is to place them in an album. Many albums already come with sheets with sticky backing to help keep photos in place, or come with plastic sleeves, such as for a binder album. You can also purchase photo albums where you affix the photographs by placing them in corner pieces. For this type of album, the corner pieces stick to the edges of the album page, keeping the photos securely in place.

Photo Boxes

Another option for photo storage is photo album boxes. These boxes are specifically designed for paper photographs, and are made to fit certain sizes. For example, if you’re trying to store photos that are 5x7, you would opt for a 5x7-inch shaped box. The same is true of 4x6-inch photographs. Photo boxes are also a great idea for storing other small keepsake items. Depending on the size of the box, you can save both photographs and keepsakes.


One of the best way to keep your photographs out of harm’s way is to use photo sleeve albums and pages. Similarly to boxes, these pages are sized just right for the photos you’re trying to store. Not only do these sleeves protect the bulk of the photographs, gently sliding them in also protects the corners. Sleeve pages usually have binder holes, and can easily be added to photo albums or three-ring binders.


Perhaps you’d like a mix of both photographs and keepsakes. Scrapbooking is a great idea for this. There are albums and books dedicated to scrapbooking. These types of albums keep both your photographs and small keepsakes safe. Instead of being a binder or a photo album book, these types of storage solutions may come in a hard case to help protect all of the items.