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Photo Props & Stage Equipment

Photo Props and Stage Equipment

Beautiful photos do not always require a complicated professional studio. You do need to learn some tips and tricks about using a digital camera, but the basics are fortunately easy to learn. Setting up your own photo booth does not call for very many or very expensive materials. If you know how to handle the camera and find the best angle for shooting, you can make do with a few items. By and large, the items fall into the following categories: camera equipment, lighting, backdrop and props.

Camera Equipment

In a DIY photo booth, a basic point-and-shoot camera is sufficient for achieving beautiful images. A good quality tripod is a must for securing the camera in place and reducing vibration. It should be at the eye level. If you want the guests to take their own photos or plan to be on the photo yourself, invest in a remote shutter release. It could be either wireless or connect to the camera with a cable.


Proper lighting makes all the difference between professional and amateur photography. Spotlight in combination with a photo studio umbrella diffuses the light and puts a flattering glow on peoples faces. As an alternative, you could place a lamp on the floor facing the backdrop. In this case, you need to turn on the camera flash too.


The backdrop of the photo booth is one of the things people shall notice on the photos, so get creative with this part. You can use nature landscape images, glamorous fabrics with sequins or simple fabrics. Pair colourful costumes with understated canvas backdrops to help them stand out.

Photo Props

The photo booth props are essential because they inspire the people you are photographing and help to relax the atmosphere if chosen wisely. Mix props that people could wear, such as scarves, funny hats or fascinators, with holdable items like telescopes, musical instruments, old books, telephones and suitcases. It is best to choose the props based on a theme or an era. The quirkier, the better.

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