Photo Studio Light Controls & Modifiers

Photo Studio Light Controls & Modifiers

Whether you’re a professional photographer or are just extremely serious about your pictures and videos, having the right photo studio light controls and modifiers can take your photos to the next level. Photography lighting equipment comes in many forms. There are umbrellas, reflectors, light diffusers and more. No matter the light modifier you choose to use, they can help to enhance your projects, and each one is different.


Umbrellas are a great option for getting better quality photos and videos. They come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Silver umbrellas provide more contrast, while white umbrellas fill your space with softer and more natural lighting and should be set up between your flash and your subject. You can even achieve a combination effect with a silver umbrella with diffusing fabric. Another advantage to using umbrellas to alter lighting and shading is that they are easy to store away.


A softbox is a typical light modifier that increases light, with larger softboxes increasing the amount of diffusion. They come in many shapes and sizes to help you to capture that perfect moment or to help you create professional-looking videos that are worthy of a large following. The softbox is easily controlled and allows you to create shadows where you want them. The way a softbox lights your subject makes it an excellent choice for portraits.


Studio lighting kits are a great choice for amateur photographers and retailers. These kits come in different sizes, so being familiar with what your photo subjects will be best informs the size of kit you choose. For instance, a small kit works best for shoes, jewellry, gadgets and other small accessories and toys, while medium and large-sized kits offer you more versatility in what you choose to photograph.

Other Modifiers

Consider a beauty dish, speedlight, filters and other photography lighting equipment to take your photos beyond what you can conceive. Beauty dishes create contrasting light to highlight details. Bowl reflectors create hard and direct light, and you can eliminate shadows with a ring flash. Having different light modifiers at your disposal allows you the freedom to express and capture things and people from your own unique point of view.