Photo Studio Light Stands with Booms

When it comes to photography, professionals and enthusiasts alike know that lighting can be everything. The angle, intensity and amount of light in a shot can make or break your photo, so being able to control those considerations is of paramount importance. That’s why studio light stands are among the most critical tools in the photographer’s toolbox.

Lighting is Everything

Almost everyone has gotten their picture taken at some point, so they’ve probably seen the photo studio light stands that photographers employ. Far from being just an indoor appliance, these are necessary for wedding, nature and other outdoor shots, too. Camera lenses and photo editing software can only do so much, and the sun or other ambient light sources don’t always play nice. Fully preparing yourself for the perfect photograph means having the tools to control your environment.

Stage your Shot

Since getting the right angle for your light also means having enough reach, photo studio light stands with booms are your friends. A boom enables you to better position whatever light you’re using in order to achieve the best photographic results. This is especially true for the lone photographer who may have no one to hold a light for them; a light boom stand is like your third arm!


There will be some photos that you cannot take properly without a lot of reaching and straining. Telescoping light boom stands take the grunt work out of those shots with their ability to extend beyond levels that would be safe or easy for a person. Once you’re done, they collapse back and you can store them like any other light stand or camera tripod.


Every photography light may not work with every studio light stand, but there are plenty of both for you to choose from. Whether it’s a telescoping boom light stand or other kinds of photo studio light stands and booms, there is a combination that will serve your needs. Mix and match to generate the perfect lighting for all your photos!