Photo Studio Soft Boxes and Diffusers

When staging a photograph to achieve professional results, lighting is among the most important considerations. The tools you use to get that perfect shot will vary from one situation to the next, but the photographer’s arsenal should always include solutions to deal with and control lighting. Two of the best ways to do that are light diffusers and soft boxes.


Studio diffusers spread and scatter light. Rather than coming from one source in the manner of a spotlight, illumination bounces from reflective surfaces within the diffuser. This gives the light a softer appearance, reducing or eliminating hard shadows and harsh flashes as well as cutting down on lens flare. This is especially important for portrait photography, where gentler and more even light distribution is considered more flattering.

Soft boxes

Studio soft boxes are a special type of diffuser that incorporate filters to further soften lighting. This kind of indirect lighting is particularly preferred for portrait photography and is often responsible for the even distribution of tone and intensity in photos with human subjects. Knowing how to use, aim and maintain a soft box light is a valuable skillset for any photographer.

Lighting Diversity

There is more than one kind of photography diffuser and soft box lighting; knowing which kind to use for a photo shoot can make a significant and visible difference in your results. Square photo soft boxes and diffusers are great for increasing overall ambient lighting while maintaining a natural look. For fashion photography, octagonal soft boxes or diffusers are the preferred shape because of eye reflections and light falloff. For object photos or other kinds of shots that lie somewhere in between, there are round soft boxes and diffusers, as well. Having more than one kind means being able to effectively and creatively manage more than one type of camera technique. Photography studio lighting can be portable, omnidirectional and comes in various sizes so that you can get exactly the light you need for your hobby or professional work.


Make certain to use the right kind of light source for a particular photography soft box or diffuser! Different models and shapes are certified for varying levels of wattage when it comes to hot lights, so avoid risk of fire by ensuring you purchase the proper photography lighting to compliment your camera lighting equipment.